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What is the material used for the football goal

Time:2017-10-24 00:00:00

FIFA's regulations on football goal materials:

The gateposts and crossbars must be made of wood, light metal or composite materials or materials approved by the FIFA Rules Group at any time. Its shape can be square, rectangular, round, semi-circular or oval. Do not use other materials to make gateposts and crossbars into other shapes.

There are no uniform regulations on the materials used for the three-person football gates. As long as the size of the gate meets the rules, is firm and safe, it can also be carried out with reference to FIFA materials, such as wood, aluminum alloy, galvanized pipe, and stainless steel. And so on material.

Three-person football is a member of the big family in football, and it is an organizational form of football competition. It develops with the development of eleven and five-a-side football, but there are also three-person football games. Eleven-a-side and five-a-side football have no or irreplaceable role, and three-a-side football in particular has gradually received widespread attention from football enthusiasts. Three-player football in more developed countries has been developed and popularized among youth football and has a long history of development.