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Goal net

Time:2017-10-24 00:00:00

At the end of the 19th century, there was a football match in England. When the attacking team quickly advanced and took a shot, the players cheered and the referee declared that the goal was valid. However, the defending player surrounded the referee and shouted that the ball flew out of the goal post. The goal should not be judged. Did the ball enter the goal? It turned out that there was no net behind the goal in the football game and the goal was shot. The ball is generally quick and fast, and it is difficult to judge whether it has entered the goal. When the two players were arguing and the referee couldn’t explain clearly, a fishing tackle factory owner named Balji ran into the field. He embraced a fishing net. While facing both sides, he should not get angry. On the other hand, he suggested that the fishing net should be hung on the outside of the goal. In this way, the goal scored will be caught by the fishing net, and there will be no disputes over whether the goal is scored or not. His suggestion was approved by the players and the referee, and the two sides immediately hung up their fishing nets to continue the game. In this way, even the audience can understand if there is no goal. This method solves a major problem in football matches that is difficult to judge whether or not a goal is scored. In 1891, the British Football Confederation officially approved the goal to hang nets, and it is still in use today.